Coaching & consulting

I love to share my knowledge about all things Bitcoin and Lightning Network. For this reason, I offer reasonably-priced 1-on-1 coaching and consulting. Whether you are an absolute Bitcoin Beginner, or a seasoned Bitcoiner looking to improve your very own Lightning Network Routing Node, I would love to hop on a video call with you and share my knowledge.


understanding bitcoin

If you’re new to Bitcoin, I can help you understand both the fundamentals and the inner workings of the technology.

security & privacy

I’m big on security, and I’ll be happy to help you set up an impenetrable Fort Knox for both your coins & your data.

lightning & Nodes

As one of the top 150 Lightning Routing Nodes, I have learned a lot about how to run a successful node.

Bitcoin for businesses

Bitcoin offers myriad benefits for business owners, and I can show you how to reap them easily and securely.

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